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Meridian Dental Laboratory was founded by Jason Jones and Sonny Chiang, American entrepreneurs with over 40 years of combined experience in dental lab outsourcing, both on the client side and as providers.

About Sonny

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sonny Chiang emigrated to the United States as a young adult with his family. After attending college in Canada, Sonny moved back to the U.S. where he was formally trained as a crown and bridge technician. After several years working as a technician, Sonny opened his own full service dental lab in New Jersey.  Sonny’s lab also grew quickly, leading him to seek out an outsourcing partner to meet the demands of production.

As a dual citizen of the United States and Hong Kong, Sonny speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. These attributes combined with his industry expertise afforded him the opportunity to partner with the outsourcing lab in China. This allowed him to have more control over production.

About Jason

The son of a dentist, Jason grew up in Dallas, Texas. After college and some time working in the corporate world, he decided to open his own business. Growing up around his father’s practice, Jason understood the dental industry and saw potential for more laboratories in Texas, which was growing rapidly in population at that time.

His lab grew quickly and within a few years he opened a second location to serve the central part of the state. As his lab business grew, so did the demand on production. Jason determined that outsourcing provided the most efficient and cost effective way to streamline production and began working with a lab in China, where Mr. Chiang was a partner.


Experienced lab owners and entrepreneurs in their own right, Jason and Sonny came up with a solution: open their own outsourcing laboratory in China; hire on-site English-speaking CDT’s and highly trained technicians; utilize the latest in dental technology advancements; and provide continuing education to keep current with the ever-changing technology in the field.

As partners, Jason and Sonny bring years of experience and knowledge to Meridian Dental Laboratory. Our mission is to be the outsourcing solution of choice for dental lab owners worldwide, and we aim to offer only the highest possible level of quality and standards for our customers.

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